DATE:05 Sep, 2015



Fact sheet/

  • Producer: Destiladora Michoacana de Mezcales Tradicionales SPR de RL
  • Mezcal Expert: José Emilio Vieyra Rangel.
  • Bottling of origin: Pino Bonito a community from Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico.
  • Maguey Variety: “americana” (cultivado de 6 a 9 años de edad).
  • Original site of the Maguey:from communities of Ssahuayo, Jiquilpan, Los Reyes and Marcos Castellanos.
  • Harvest Type: manually with a Sharp blade knife called trinchera.
  • Elaboration type: Artisan.
  • Pechuga Formula: a pouch with turkey brests, deer meet and spices (hanging inside of the distillation device impregnates the vapes of the 2nd distillation)
  • Process description:
    in the traditional technique , the sellected maguey to cut is mature, then is cooked in a volcanic rock oven with oak Wood, after is cooked is crushed then place in Wood barrels adding spring wáter from the mountains. Then a slow process of natural fermentation beggins for 8 days, the resulting product then passes to a distillation process, on the second part of the distillation the Pechuga formula is collocated to imprégnate sutil scents and to soften the flavor of the distillation, obtaining a body and flavor very sutil to the taste.
  • Oven type: made from volcanic rocks forming a concave shape.
  • Milling type: manually with axe and with a mechanic mill.
  • Fermentation barrel type: oak Wood (embedded in the soil)
  • Distiller type: filipine still. Internal condensation (copper bottom ladle, pine and oyamel wood body and stainless Steel cover.
  • Number of distillations: two.
  • Alcohol richness adjust: spring wáter.
  • Alcohol richness: 45° alc.
  • Net Content: 750 ml.
  • Color: clear (with no suspended particles)
  • Organoleptic notes: grain crops breeze, pinaple-lime citric tones, full bodied and creamy palate. Smoothness aftertaste and light permanence to the palate.