About us

Don Mateo Mezcal is an artisan Mezcal made in Michoacan, Mexico since 1840, it is currently on it´s 6th generation of “Maestros Mezcaleros” (Mezcal experts). Don Mateo Mezcal is made only with Agave species native from the área that gives it´s unique and unmatched characteristics.


History of “Don Mateo Mezcal”

Our name “Don Mateo Mezcal” comes from Mateo Rangel one of the three great-grandfathers of the Mezcal producers the Vieyra family. Don Mateo Rangel was a tenacious man that fought and died for social causes, and that is why we remember him with our brand name DON MATEO MEZCAL.



The production of our Mezcal comes from a village called Pino Bonito on the south of the state capital Morelia, 16 KM on the road to San Miguel del Monte. Pino Bonito is in the middle of the forest at 6800 ft sea level with beautiful views and sping wáter that gives that special characteristic to our Mezcal.

Tradicional Method Process


Our main Agave plantation is the species cupreata, a specie that only reproduces by seed, here is why the importance of nurseries, we select our seeds from our helthiest, wild and more resistent to pest populations of Agave from the región.

Semi-Cultivated plantation. Our plantations are enviromental friendly, that´s why we leave part of the original trees from the área to avoid soil erosion and with low intensity plantation we help keep our enviroment. We clean the agave plant manually and with help of bovine cattle to avoid the use of herbicides.




Don Mateo Bat Friendly

Our roots are farmers roots and with the love and respect we have for the earth to this date we don´t use any herbicides and we use bovine cattle grazing as weeding. Besides we use strategic places to plant the Agave to generate better conditions and fertility of the soil.


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Bat Friendly is a program where bat is the best pollinator for the agave plant. leaving at least 5% of the agave quiotes the bats keeps the genetic diversity of the agave making it more resistant to pest and illness.